Placard/Label Holders

Our placard or label holder products are generally used as document holders for large means of containment. They are made from 0.055” HDPE.

We offer a variety of customizable options so you can get a plastic label holder that fits your needs. Our placard or label holders may be produced:

  • Plain
  • Dry-erase clear coating
  • Releasable laminate

Our plastic label holders can be used to place adhesive and non-adhesive labels and can be placed on different types of surfaces.

Could a more organized labeling system help your business?

Our placard or label holders are perfect identification solutions often used on shelves, walls, file cabinets, and many other places that need labeling. Our placards or label holders can be applied to a variety of different surfaces. Depending on their finish they can be used for indoor or outdoor use. This product is the ideal solution for helping you organize your warehouse, supply rooms, or distribution center.

Plasti-Fab can help design the perfect placard for your company. Our talented team can customize the placard and label holder with your company logo or any other necessary information.

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